Dymo Label Printer Installation

The following steps will assist you with installing the Dymo Label Printer drive for clients that requests for this installation. Note that this will require your -a credentials.

1. Have the client save any files they were working on before logging them off the computer
2. Your -a credentials

1. Log off the client from the computer if you have not done so.
2. Log back in using your -a account. 
3. Open a File explorer window and type the following into the address bar: \\uFiles\\UWM
3. Locate and select the Tech folder
4. Locate and select the SA folder
5. Click on Applications
6. Locate and click on Dymo Labeler 450 Turbo
7. Install the following:
     a) ScrewDriversClientv4x64.msi (Install this one first to set up the driver)
     b) DLS8Setup.8.6.2.exe (Install this one last)
8. Follow the installation process
9. Once completed, open the Dymo Label software and test print to confirm that the installation was a success.

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