Respondus 4 - D2L vs. Canvas

This article describes the differences between D2L and Canvas while using Respondus 4.

Question Type Overview

Respondus questions supported by LMS
Question Type D2L Canvas
Multiple Choice Yes Yes
True/False Yes Yes
Long Answer/Essay Question Yes Yes
Matching Yes Yes
Short Answer/Fill in the Blank Yes Yes
Multi-Select/Multiple Answers Yes Yes
Fill in the Blank(s) Yes Yes
Text (No Question) No Yes
Ordering Yes No*
Images Attached to Questions Yes Yes
Arithmetic/Numerical Yes Yes

*Current Canvas quizzing tool does not have Ordering questions. New Quizzes has an ordering option for quiz questions.


  • Canvas refers to D2L's Long Answer question type as "Essay Question".
  • Canvas refers to D2L's Short Answer question type as "Fill in the Blank".
  • Canvas refers to D2L's Multi-Select question type as "Multiple Answers".
  • Canvas refers to D2L's Arithmetic question type as "Numerical Answer".

Respondus 4 Personality Differences

  • In Respondus 4, both Canvas and D2L have four identical menus, Start, Edit, Settings, and Preview & Publish.
  • D2L has a fifth menu called Retrieve. Each Personality in Respondus converts documents to be compatible with whatever Learning Management System (LMS) that is in use. 
  • Currently, Respondus 4 cannot Retrieve quiz material directly from Canvas. 
  • Canvas can export multiple quizzes at once but cannot export question banks. 
  • See: Respondus 4 - Export a Quiz from Canvas to Respondus in order to export quizzes or to convert a question bank into quiz for export.
  • Respondus 4 can directly export documents back into a Canvas course. 

Transitioning from D2L to Canvas with Respondus 4

Respondus 4 provides a few ways to keep files in order and to determine which LMS Personality they were created with. This might be helpful if there are many existing files formatted in D2L and Canvas but there is a need to determine what Personality each of them have been created in.

  • Open Respondus 4.
  • Navigate to Start menu.
  • Select Open.
  • Select the Respondus file that you want to check.
  • Select the General Information button from the small toolbar on the top right of the screen.
  • The LMS personality that was used to create the file will be displayed in the information window below the General Information button and to the right of the file list.

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