Administrative credentials assessment

This document serves as a guide for what kinds of questions will be asked for the -a examination in the HD. These questions are centered around the privileges assigned by the following URs: SA-UR-SAITS-ST-AD-Admin, SA-UR-SAITS-ST-SCCM-Admin. Access to other URs under SAITS Student Staff is granted for exemplary performance at a later date.

Concepts you will be tested on (current as of April 2018):

  1. Software deployment. Know this whole process from start to finish--you will be asked to deploy a piece of software to one of our training computers and install it.
  2. AD architecture. What is the difference between security groups and workstation OUs? Why are things broken up in the way they are?
  3. AD navigation. How do you search for a computer? A user? What kinds of information can you get from looking at a computer object? A security group?
  4. Ufiles and Asset Database. What are these things? How do we access them? When would we use the Asset Database?
  5. What you can and can't do with your -a. You will be presented with several made up situations that you could potentially use your -a to resolve. Ensure that you understand when you should NOT use your -a.

This exam would typically last an hour. It is your responsibility to identify who administers this test and set up a time with that person via an Outlook appointment.

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