Add/removes users to Campus Scan Share

This tutorial will walk a HD employee through how to add and remove users to/from the Campus Scan Share (V:) as well as troubleshoot top-level issues.

How do Campus Scan Shares work?

  • Each scan share is named after the room number of the MFD (multi-function device, i.e. Printer/Scanner). In the below example, we know that the scan share is on device _____, which is located in _____:
  • Each MFD typically only has one scan share option
  • All users or URs added to a scan share group will have access to the V: drive, which will list all MFDs they can scan to and retrieve files from
  • Users can not edit anything within the Campus Scan Share folder, as it is effectively read only! They must first copy the file locally and then make their edits. From there, they can then put the file where it needs to go
  • Scan shares are purged every night-- users need to know that this isn't permanent storage and should be moved off immediately after the scan is completed
  • Any random person can scan to \\scan, but only members of the scan share groups will be able to retrieve those documents
  • All access requests are fulfilled in AD.

Add users to Campus Scan Share:

  • Navigate to Shares and locate the group containing the name of the MFD that the user wants to be able to scan to.
  • Double click to open the group, tab to "members," and add the ePanther of the person that needs to be added.
  • Ask the user to sign out/back in to their Windows computer for the drive to be enforced.
  • If on a Mac machine, they may need to install "Access UWM File Shares" for the file share to mount to their computer.

Remove users from Campus Scan Share:

  • Most requests will include the ePanther of the person that needs to be removed from a scan share.
  • Simply search for the ePanther of the person that needs to be removed from a Scan Share...
  • to "Member Of"...
  • ...identify the name of the MFD they need to loose access to (will show as SA-Scan-[MFD_NAME]...
  • ...and remove it from their membership.

Troubleshooting Campus Scan Share issues:

  • Always verify the name of the MFD the campus scan share is associated with
  • Remember that each Campus Scan Share is only associated with one MFD, which will likely be named after the room it is located in
  • Consider copying permissions over from a comparable supported staff when confused
  • Employees will not be able to open files if the default .pdf file extension is set to open in IE. Follow the steps in this link to change the default .pdf program to Adobe Reader.
  • When in doubt, ask someone for help.

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