Communicating with supported staff

This KB instructs HD staff on the necessity for clear, concise communication with our clients.

When working on an incident with a client, fast, clear, and concise communication is key. Not only will excellent communication increase our customers' satisfaction, but it will also drastically improve our brand in our clients' eyes. Below are a few tips to ensure that your communication with our clients exceeds the SAITS standard:
  1. When working on a machine on-site, always ensure that you either update the client before you leave OR leave a detailed note if the client is not available.
  2. Determine, for every instance of client outreach, whether it is more effective to call or email the client. Ask yourself the following questions: Does this need to be addressed at this very moment? Will it be inconvenient for the client to answer the phone right now? Should there be a paper trail? Can I find the answer to my question without needing to speak directly to the client?
  3. Consider how long the ticket has been open. Remember that, for every email sent, we are extending the life of the open incident. In other words, it might take a day or two for the client to get back to us. SAITS shoots for having every incident resolved within 3 business days.
  4. Ensure clarity when setting up appointments. Offer available times and, if someone else will be following up with the client because you will not be available, ensure that is communicated. Nobody likes rescheduling and nobody likes not knowing who they are working with.
  5. When emailing clients, remain professional but concise. Emails should be brief but to-the-point. Remember that everyone is limited by time and our clients do not want to sift through a message to determine its underlying meaning. It should be obvious.

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