D2L Intelligent Agents - Test, Schedule and Run an Agent, and Review History

Learn how to test an agent, how to schedule an agent, how to run an agent manually, and how to view the agent's history.

When do agents run?

Agents that are intended to repeat run daily, but can also be configured to run weekly, monthly, yearly, or run manually. It is a good idea to test agents to ensure they work as intended and display the correct information. Agents can be run manually to act as a bulk emailer designed to target students meeting very specific criteria without having to manually email from the Classlist.

Agents can be run:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly at a fixed time. Click Settings while in the Intelligent Agents tool to see the daily run time.
  • Manually, when the instructor chooses to run them.
  • Agents can be previewed. Previewing is similar to manually running an agent, but the agent does not email matching students.

Agents will automatically be disabled when a course is deactivated.

Test an agent with a practice run

You can have an agent perform a practice run to see who will be identified by the agent without sending those users an email. Agents do not need to be enabled in order to perform a practice run. Click the chevron (down arrow) to the right of the agent you want to perform a practice run for. Click the Practice Run option.

When the practice run is complete, the person running the test will receive an email notifying you of agent completion. From the Intelligent Agents tool, look in the "Results of Last Run" column next to the agent you tested. Click the link to see the users that matched the Intelligent Agent's criteria.

Run an agent manually

When you run an agent manually, it sends a confirmation email to the user that requested or set up the agent. This email contains the name, which agent ran, time and date the request was submitted, time and date the request was finished, and whether the agent took action.

  1. Agents do not need to be enabled in order to set up a manual run.
  2. Click the chevron (down arrow) next to the name of the agent to run.
  3. Click the Run Now option.
  4. A prompt will appear. Click the Run button to confirm running the agent manually.

Schedule an agent

If you want to schedule how frequently Brightspace evaluates the conditions of the agent, edit the agent and select the Use Schedule check box. Click Update Schedule and set your scheduling details.

Note: Scheduled intelligent agents stop running and are automatically disabled if the course is inactive, or deleted. You can set up a practice run or a manual run of an intelligent agent at any time.

View an agent's next run date

You can view the next run date for scheduled agents. There is no next run date if a schedule is not enabled. Looking at the list of agents, look at the Next Run Date column.

View an agent's run history

Click the chevron (down arrow) to the right of an agent's name. Then, click the View History option. The past dates and times an agent ran are listed.

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