Cherwell - Training - OneStep Management in Cherwell

This document will show Cherwell users how to edit their task pane to include different One-Steps and remove them if needed.

Intended Audience

Any Cherwell users who are interested in customizing the Task Pane to incorporate frequently used One-Steps and remove any unused One-Steps. 


Requirements for this:

  • An idea of the One-Steps you would most frequently use
  • Cherwell
  • This guide

How-To Steps

Adding One-Steps to the Task Pane

  1. Navigate to the One-Step button in the Cherwell toolbar. In the drop-down menu, select One-Step Manager.

  2. All One-Steps we will need in SAITS can be found under Team --> SAITS Support Services. The type of One-Steps will change depending on what is filled in under Association. (None) has basic quick-open One-Steps while Incident contains all One-Steps used to work within an incident. There can also be some helpful tools in the Global folder (ex. My Incident Tasks will allow you to see all tickets that you have an open task on).


  3. In order to add a One-Step to your Task Pane, right-click on the One-Step navigate to Add To --> Task Pane.

  4. Below is an example Task Pane that gives access to a Quick Search, Common Tasks like time logs and journal updates, and the customers info which includes phone numbers, email, and department.

Editing the Task Pane

  1. In order to edit the Task Pane, navigate to Tools --> Options...

  2. Navigate to the Task Pane & Search settings on the left of the window.

  3. Under the Task Pane and Search menu, you can select what is seen on the Task Pane. Checked boxes are visible and unchecked are not. If you select one of the items (ex. Common Tasks), click Configure... to edit what shows inside of the section.

  4. In the configure menu, you can order and remove the actions found in each section. We do not have permission to add actions at the time of this writing. In order to add, you will need to use the method above for Adding One-Steps to the Task Pane.

  5. Once you are done, hit OK until the windows close out. 


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