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Overview of BarTender and how it is used by FSS users, for Enterprise training

Intended Audience

Enterprise staff going through FSS administration training.


BarTender is a piece of software that runs as a companion to FSS. It is used to print product labels and barcodes to be used in the various retail locations around campus. It exists only as a client program, installed on users' local machines. It connects to FSS in order to authenticate licensing, which involves a separate server program running on the FSS server, and it also uses exported FSS database information in order to create correct labeling. Users are trained in exporting data from FSS and using it in BarTender, and BarTender settings are preconfigured so it is easy to get it up and running for users. This document demonstrates the FSS database export process and the settings that are used in BarTender to authenticate licensing, in case changes need to be made (which is rare).


FSS DB Export

  1. Launch and login to the FSS client. Once logged in, click Utilities on the left.

  2. Users will launch Export Data, and then click Export Item Label Info.

  3. In the Export Item Label Info dialog, users can select exactly which menu, schedule, or item data they want to export. There are two format options available, either a tab-delimited .CSV file or a CBORD formatted database table. The second option, the one accessible by external reporting tools, is the format that BarTender requires.

  4. Once the export file has been retrieved, users then launch the BarTender program. Once logged in they can begin a new document wizard (File -> New) to begin work with the labels they want to print.

BarTender Licensing Config

  1. Open BarTender on the client computer, and click No or Cancel on any dialogs that open up (usually a new document wizard will launch).
  2. From the menu at the top, navigate to Administer -> Licensing Setup.
  3. The dialog that opens shows the licensing configuration, and the screenshot below shows the standard setup, where refers to an address it can access the FSS server through. This data is prepopulated so we generally won't make changes unless something is incorrect. Click the Test... button to confirm server connectivity.

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