Cherwell - Training - Ticket Continuation Procedure

This KB is on how we handle ticket continuation between shifts or days. There are different procedures for high-priority tickets and standard priority tickets.


There are two separate procedures for ticket continuation based upon ticket priority. Ticket continuation is managed by the delegation of assigned tasks.

Standard Priority Ticket Continuation Procedure

Standard priority tickets are incidents or service requests which do not hinder the user's work significantly. If there is a workaround or the issue does not waste much time on the user's end, it is standard priority.

For these tickets, follow these steps:
  1. Journal the ticket properly -- Make sure all progress and research is recorded. Make sure whoever works on this next isn't doing much duplicate work.
  2. Close your task and open another task with the following fields:
    • Title: Something descriptive
    • Type: Work Item
    • Description: Brief description of the issue.
    • Owned By Team: SAITS Support Services
    • Owned by: - not yet assigned - (leave blank)

Since the ticket has a task which is owned by SAITS Support Services but not by a particular person, the ticket should appear in the "Hand-Off" queue.

Optionally, you may talk to somebody you know will be in the next day and assign the ticket specifically to them if they consent to it.

High Priority Ticket Continuation Procedure

High priority tickets require a few extra steps, as you will be assigning the task to some specific person who is able to work on the ticket, emailing them, . These are tickets which cause significant impairments to a department and need to be worked on ASAP.

For high priority tickets follow these steps:
  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in the Standard Priority Tickets section, but assign the task to somebody you know will be able to work on it.
  2. Email the person who will be working on the ticket through Cherwell. CC Chad into the email in case of emergencies.
For high priority tickets that fall close to start and end times (such as requesting aid before 8 AM, after 4:30PM, or on weekends) talk to management about personnel solutions.

Example 1

Xue has a shift on Monday from 8-4 and Wednesday at 8-4. Nick has a shift on Tuesday from 8-4 and Wednesday 8-4.

Xue begins work on a ticket and assigns the ticket to himself. He sees that it is almost time for him to clock out, but the ticket is not completed. He then follows the standard priority ticket continuation procedure: He Journals, closes his task, and creates another task which is owned by the SAITS Support Services team but not by a particular person. Since he created a task owned by the SAITS Support Services team but not a particular person as the owner, the ticket ends up in the Hand-Off queue.

Nick checks through the Hand-Off queue on Tuesday morning and takes this ticket. He works on it until he has to leave on Tuesday, but chooses not to follow this procedure since he knows he will be able to work on it Wednesday.

Example 2

Nick needs to go to class in 15 minutes but has a ticket he is working on which is important. The Panthercard Office does not have internet and the printers are all down! This sort of incident cannot just be left in the Hand-Off queue, so he follows the High Priority Ticket Continuation Procedure. He journals all the information he can, closes his task, and opens another task on the ticket according to 


If there will be a significant period of time between your shifts (and thus a long time until when you would be able to work on the ticket next), follow the Standard Priority Ticket Continuation Procedure. If it is a high-priority issue you will not be able to work on, follow the High Priority Ticket Continuation Procedure.

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