SharePoint - How-To - Save Local Office Files to SharePoint and Opening SharePoint Files in Microsoft Office (Windows)

This document explains a quick and easy way to save a locally created document to your SharePoint site or open a SharePoint document in Microsoft Office.

Intended Audience

The intended audience is anybody that has local files they want to save to SharePoint, or anyone who wants to open a file in SharePoint with Microsoft Office.

These demonstrations take place in Microsoft Word, but the same steps can be applied to PowerPoint, Excel, or other MS Office products.


  • Windows, MS Office, and access to a SharePoint Site
  • Know your SharePoint site URL. All site URLs are located here.

How-To Save Local Files to SharePoint from Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016

This method describes how to take files that are saved only on your local computer (rather than already saved on your department SharePoint site) and save them to SharePoint. 

Note: If you are not already signed into the Office 365 Web Client you will need to log into your SharePoint site through a pop up window. Follow any on-screen prompts, entering your UWM credentials.

Save New Document

1. To save a new document, go to: File>Save As>This PC (Double Click).


2. Double-click on the Windows Explorer folder path bar in the "Save As" prompt. 

3. Paste the SharePoint site URL of your department into it, and click Enter. Each SharePoint URL can be found in this KB Doc


4. Locate where you want to save the file in the Document Library. Then, click Save.
5. After you follow above steps, you will see SharePoint appear as below. So, to save a new document, click SharePoint. If you do not see SharePoint as below after saving a doc, please go back to step 1


Note: The red arrow points to your previously saved documents, which will be stored in the Save As>SharePoint tab. This serves as a quick way to edit documents that you have already saved to SharePoint

After these steps are completed, the document will be saved to your department SharePoint site and anyone with the appropriate permissions will be able to view and edit it.


How-To Open SharePoint Files in Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016

There are two ways to open files from your department SharePoint with your MS Office application: Opening your SharePoint site in your browser and opening the document from it, or opening it with the SharePoint path URL in the MS Office application.

Opening SharePoint Files from the Web Client (Recommended)

This method is for opening MS Office files from the web client.
1. Use your SharePoint URL to navigate to your SharePoint website. Each SharePoint site may look a bit different, but take the time to find where the department stores their general documents. Click the library that is most appropriate for the document you seek.

2. Once you are in the desired library, find the document you would like to edit and click on it. This will take you to the web viewing interface.
Opening web
3. Click "Edit Document" and then "Edit in Word." This will open the desktop in your desktop application.
  • After clicking the "Edit in Word" button, there may be a warning about how opening these files can be unsafe. Your department documents should be safe, so click "Yes" to continue.
  • After opening this in the desktop application, pressing the "Save" button will sync changes with the SharePoint version and will not save the document locally to your computer.
  • This method work for PowerPoint and Excel files as well.
Opening 4

Opening SharePoint Files from the Desktop Client

This method is for opening files directly from the desktop client rather than using a web browser.
1. In the "File" menu, click the "Open" button and then "Browse".
Opening Docs
2. Enter your SharePoint url on the top bar and press "Enter".


3. Browse the directories and double-click on the document you want to open. After opening this document, pressing the "Save" button will sync changes with the SharePoint version and will not save the document locally to your computer.

If you have any other questions, feel free to check out the SharePoint fundamentals articles. Otherwise, if you are a member of the Student Affairs division, call us at x4606 and we'll be happy to help.


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