Acrobatiq Support FAQ for Students

Review frequently asked questions about support of Acrobatiq courseware at UWM

The following information is provided by Acrobatiq for use by UW-Milwaukee students.

When I click the Acrobatiq courseware link, there is an error message or some other unexpected behavior.

In the event of an error, take a screenshot including the browser address field, and send an email to Include the screencap and a description of what triggered the error message.

I’m being asked for my email and password, but I don’t remember my password.

Be sure to use the link in your D2L class. You should not be asked to sign in if you use this link. If this link sends you to an Acrobatiq sign-in form, please email to report this unexpected behavior.

How do I pay for my Acrobatiq access?

An Acrobatiq Redemption Code is part of a bundle available via the UWM Virtual Bookstore. Use the Redemption Code to pay for your Acrobatiq courseware access.

I don’t have a Redemption Code yet.

Students can use the Pay Later option. When you have your Redemption Code you can use it to complete the access process. During your trial period you can still work through the course, interact with the practice, and take quizzes and tests.

I selected Pay Later, but now I don’t know where to enter my Redemption Code.

Your Redemption Code is a form of payment. You’ll find the payment reminder on your Acrobatiq course’s Table of Contents if you used Pay Later.

If it’s been 17 days since you selected Pay Later, you’ll be taken to the payment page whenever you access your Acrobatiq course materials.

I didn’t pay in 17 days. Will all my work be deleted?

No, all your work is still intact but you and your instructor cannot reach or review it. If you make a payment after your trial period ends, you’ll regain access to your Acrobatiq courseware and find everything where you left it, as will your instructor.

I dropped or failed my class in a previous semester. Do I need another Redemption Code this time?

Yes, you’ll need a Redemption Code every time you’re in a new D2L class that uses Acrobatiq courseware, even if you paid for prior access.

I don’t remember my password.

That’s OK, because you don’t have one. Just click the link in your D2L class and you’ll be sent to your Acrobatiq materials.

I didn’t receive my password-reset email.

Your account doesn’t have a password, so you won’t get a password-reset email if you request one from the system. Just click the link in your D2L class and you’ll be sent to your Acrobatiq materials.

I found an error in the Acrobatiq content. How should I report it?

Please click the HELP link in the Acrobatiq menu on the page where you found the error. Describe the error and where you found it on the page.

Where can I see my scores?

Your scores can be found on your My Scores page (Menu > My Scores), on your Table of Contents (reveal the Module where the assessment is located), or on the page where the assessment is located in the course.

Every instructor weighs Acrobatiq scores differently, so refer to your syllabus or consult your instructor for details about how your Acrobatiq scores and participation will factor into your overall grade.

Can I print, download, or access Acrobatiq offline?

Sorry, but Acrobatiq is only functional online. The interactive exercises require an internet connection to provide the immediate feedback, and to share your data with your instructor so he or she can provide you and your class with help.

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