SAITS Information - Attendance Policy and Scheduling

This outlines the attendance policy as well as the basics of scheduling.


When you begin work here at SAITS, you will decide your work schedule with a supervisor. Once that schedule has been created in StaffHub, you may login and view it at any time.

Attendance Policy

Your work schedule schedule indicates when you are expected to come in and work. 

  • If you will be late to a shift, let a supervisor know as soon as possible.
  • If you will not be able to attend a shift, you must let a supervisor know at least week in advance and then ask off in StaffHub.
  • If you are sick, let the supervisor know as soon as possible.

Supervisors are able to track when you do not come into your shift or when you are late, so please do not have absences if possible. Excessive absences will result in a conversation with the staff supervisor.

Accessing Your Schedule

In order to access your schedule, you will need be invited to StaffHub by Chad. Chad's email-invite will include a URL that can only be used via Mobile Device. The StaffHub app can be downloaded for free from any app store. 

Once StaffHub is downloaded and installed on your device, open it up and enter your Microsoft Office365 credentials when prompted. (Be aware that the app will ask you for your "work email" - your "work email" is your UWM email address ['epanther'])

Once you have activated the StaffHub app you can access your schedule on any web browser by going to  

Checking Your Schedule

You can see what your schedule looks like for the next couple of weeks by checking StaffHub.

  1. Sign in on
  2. The team's schedule will be displayed immediately upon login.
  3. You can check the schedule by Day, Week, Month, or Today by choosing the desired tab near the top of the screen.

Modifying your Availability

At the beginning of the semester, you will be asked for your availability. To submit your availability, simply email Chad with your preferred hours to work. Keep in mind that you must work a minimum of 15 hours a week, and should be able to work at least 4 hours in a row. Make sure you talk to Chad if you have any specific or special scheduling requests.

Asking Off


Before requesting time off, there are a few steps that are necessary to make sure that the office continues to run smoothly:
  1. Send an email to Chad and J. to inform them of your request off
  2. Once you know that your request has been approved, update your outlook calendar to reflect your request
  3. Send an email to the coordinator of any meeting that you are expected to be involved in during your time off
  4. If you have any open tickets, appointments, or project updates, make sure that you inform another technician so that they can carry out these tasks for you.

Requesting off in StaffHub must be done using the mobile app (Unfortunately there is no way to request time off using the web app).

1. Open up the app and choose the "Reuqest" tab, and tap the "+" button.

2. If you would like to Request time off, tap the "Request Time Off" button, and enter the requested information on the next screen. Once finished, tap the "Send Request" button.


3. If you would like to swap shifts with someone, click the "Swap Or Offer Shift" button. Choose whether you want to swap or offer a shift by using the tab at the top of the screen. Fill out the appropriate information that is requested, and then click the "Send Request" button.

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