D2L Awards - Granting Awards to Students (for Instructors)

Learn how to grant awards to students using release conditions, or manually; and hide the award from students' view.

Automatically Grant an Award Using Release Conditions

You can add release conditions to an award and release other content or another award to learners when they achieve the award requirement that you define.

  1. Within the course, click Awards on the navbar.
  2. Click Edit Properties on the award.
  3. Click Create.
  4. From the Condition Type drop-down list, select the release condition.
  5. Complete the associated Condition Details.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Click Save.

Hide an Award From the Available Awards Page

In some cases you might want to hide an award from a learner until they have earned it. Hiding awards means that the award does not appear on the Available Awards page. After the learner earns the award, it appears in the Available Awards and My Awards page.

  1. Within the course, click Awards on the navbar.
  2. Click Edit Properties on the award.
  3. Select the "Award hidden until earned" check box.

Manually Grant an Award

For scenarios such as when a learner is successful at a practical test, you can manually grant awards.

  1. From within a course, click Awards on the navbar.
  2. Click Classlist Awards.
  3. Select one or more learners in the Classlist.
  4. Click Award. 
  5. Select an award from the drop-down list.
  6. Enter a reason for granting the award in the Award Criteria field. 
  7. Click Award.

What Does a Student See When They Receive a Badge or Certificate?

When a student receives an award, the student is notified in several ways:

  1. The student will receive an email notifying them of the award.
  2. A pop-up box will appear in the student's browser when they login to D2L. If the student is already in D2L, they'll see the pop-up notification a brief time after the award is granted. Note: there may be a delay of 5 minutes or more for an award pop-up to appear.
  3. If the student clicks the Awards tool in your courses navigation bar, they will see they have been granted an award.

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