KanBan - Training - Usage

This document will explain what the KanBan is and its role in the onboarding process.

When a new employee joins the SAITS Help Desk, their training is handled by the KanBan. The KanBan is an excel spreadsheet which contains the following columns:
  • Status - Indicates the state of this item. A blank status indicates the document is ready for usage. Any initials indicate it is this person's responsibility.
    • Update: Needs to be updated
    • Searchable: Is able to be searched in the KB, may not have a place in the KanBan.
    • Archive: Slated for archival
    • Create: This article needs to be created.
  • Document Title
  • Location - KB: A unique identifier associated with the document. This will be a link to the document, but if the link does not work you can use this number to search for it in the KB.
  • Location - Video: A link to an instructional video.

Now is the time to make an important distinction between the KB and KanBan.

The KB is the Knowledge Base, the site you are reading this on. The KnowledgeBase organizes the information that the departments of SAITS use to support their clients and keep the department running. The KanBan is a spreadsheet which new employees use to learn about this department. As the new employees read each listed document, they must check it off to record that they have read it.

Using the KanBan

Start at the first document at the top-left of the screen and move down. Read the document in its entirety, paying attention to details. Follow links and explore beyond the documents listed on the KanBan to get a full understanding of our department. After you have read each document and some of the documents linked inside it, mark the column with an "X" to indicate that you have read it. If you cannot access the link, mark the column with an "O".

Marking a row with an X indicates that you have read and understood the row's document.

The KanBan is intended to guide new employees through a series of topics, starting with what the Student Affairs division is, the Student Affairs IT Services, the departments within SAITS, the Help Desk, and finally the roles and responsibilities within the Help Desk. This will touch on tickets, the KB, and customer service.

After this, we will go over the tools that the Help Desk uses to fulfill these responsibilities. These tools will be described, and there will be a brief explanation on how to use them to perform tasks such as granting permissions, remoting into computers, managing tickets, or creating KB documents. The demoing section is a way for other HD staff to teach you how they use the tools in their daily work. In order to check these items off, a HD employee must walk you through some common tasks on these applications.

Finally there will be a transition into shadowing in which the new employee will follow veteran employees around on tickets. After a week or two, new employees will start doing parts of these tickets while veteran employees will make sure they aren't making catastrophic mistakes. Once the new employee receives their "-a", they are able to begin self-assigned work.


Any item marked "Demo" means that this item may be marked completed once an experienced employee walks through the basics of the application or topic with the new employee. This is different than KB documents, which may be marked completed once they are read.

It is your responsibility to talk to a technician and ask if they can show you how to use each tool.


Please focus on completing the following items first:
  • Document 45229 is unavailable at this time. : Completing these tutorials and emailing the confirmation to the correct individuals will allow you access to Cherwell.
  • Document 65631 is unavailable at this time. : Explains your responsibilities and daily activities as a HD Technician

Help, a KB doc is unavailable!

Sometimes when clicking on links a page will not load properly and will say "Page Not Found: Sorry, page number 65811 is unavailable to you at this site." This is because the document is not marked as active or is expired. Hypothetically, everything in the KanBan should be active and not expired, but mistakes may happen occasionally.

To fix the document not being active, you will need to log into the KB Admin Tools and search by the document ID.

  1. Note the document ID of the page you would like to access. This should be a 5-digit number and should be displayed on the "Page Not Found" page.
  2. Enter the KB Admin tools. If you do not have access, find someone who does who can login for you. Then bug a supervisor to give you admin access ;)
  3. On the Dashboard and in the "UW-Milwaukee Student Affairs IT Documents" table, click the number to the right of "Active". This will bring you to the Active Documents page.
  4. Towards the top of the page and under the "Active Documents" header, there is a text box labeled "ID or comma delimited IDs:". Enter the Doc ID of the document you want to view in this textbox and press enter.
  5. The document should appear. If it doesn't, talk to a supervisor.

To fix the document being expired, talk to a supervisor.

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