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Sometimes we will find computers with old names and we will need to update them to our current naming convention. 

Renaming Computers

Every computer we manage has a unique name so we can easily find it and identify it. A computer can be named anything, but in our case we name our computers very specifically so we can easily manage them.
  • Computer Name = SA-<SERVICE TAG>

    Example: SA-H1ZRH02
    The service tag of a computer can be found on the sticker located on top of the PC.
  • Occasionally you will come across a computer that does not follow this naming standard.

    • Example: AUX-UNWG75-D01
    • Example: NHC-FERENS-D1
    • Example: DES-CDC128-L02
    • Example: MININT-2F9H74D2
The reason for this is because there are different naming standards for different departments, however SA now manages all these departments and all computers should follow the SA-<SERVICE TAG> naming standard.

Computers should always be renamed after they are re-imaged. Once a computer is re-imaged its name will be something like ‘MININT- 2F9H74D2’. If you see a computer with this name it will be an indication that it never got renamed, and probably never got added to the correct OU. The next step would be to rename the computer and add it to the correct OU in active directory.
  • How to find a computer’s name

    1. Open the start menu.
    2. Right click on “computer” and select “properties”.
    3. The computer name will be listed in the new window.
  • How to change a computer name

    1. From the above screen that displays the computer name, go the advanced system settings in the upper left corner.
      You may need to enter your credentials.
    2. Go to the ‘Computer Name’ tab.
    3. Click ‘Change’.
    4. Enter the new computer name: SA-<SERVICE TAG>
    5. Restart the computer.
    6. Check to confirm that computer has been renamed

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