Low Disk Space (Windows) - Cleanup Script

Description of the tasks performed by our in-house cleanup script, which is used to gain disk space back in the rare circumstance that your hard drive is (nearly) full.

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Description and running procedure for our in-house cleanup script, to alleviate low-disk-space issues.


As a computer is used it may begin to perform slowly and inefficiently.  This is often the result of the fact that a computer stores folders and files for each user based on a task or operation they have completed. Once the operation has been completed, then these folders are no longer necessary, but they are retained and cause the hard drive to become full, which results in sluggish performance. We have developed a script that will delete these files and enhance the performance of your machine.  This script can be run from the Software Center.  Please reference the steps below to run the program that cleans up the hard drive.

The whole process should take less than 15 minutes. You can still use your computer and other programs while the script runs. Once it is complete a message will pop up letting you know how much disk space is left and that it is finished.

NOTE: If you need to use this script on the same computer multiple times (meaning it cleared a lot of space, but not long after the hard drive is full again), escalate the incident to Tier 2 Endpoint so that we can investigate a cause.

Steps to Run the Cleanup Script on your Computer

  1. Open the Software Center
    1. Open the Start Menu to search for "Software", and launch the found shortcut for the Software Center
  2. Find "Disk Space Cleanup - Script" in either of the tabs "Available Software" or "Installation Status"
  3. Select the script and click Install (if in Available Software) or Reinstall (if in Installation Status) at the bottom of the window
  4. The script will then execute a sequence of commands that will delete files from the temporary folder on your hard drive and other system folders not related to one's personal file folders.
  5. Finally a results screen will open, letting you know how much space you now have on your C: drive.

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