Office 365 (Outlook 2013 | 2010) - Configure Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010

Important: Beginning March 1st, 2017, Office 2013 will no longer be available for installation from the Office 365. Please see the following document for further details: Office 365 - Microsoft Office 2013 path to retirement.

This document explains how to connect to the Office 365 service.

Note: If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Outlook client, we recommend that you try using the Outlook Connectivity tool provided here.

Configure Outlook 2013/2010 for Office 365

Microsoft Outlook for Windows uses profiles to manage your accounts within Outlook.

  1. You have three options on configuring your Outlook profile:
    Option 1: First time user of Outlook (no existing profile).
    Launch Outlook to start the account creation wizard. Proceed to step 2.
    Option 2: Create a new profile.
    Make sure Outlook is not running.
    1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Mail.
    2. Click Show Profiles.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Enter "Office 365" within 'Profile Name' field and click OK to start the account creation wizard.
    5. Proceed to step 2.
    Option 3: Add your account to an existing profile.
    Make sure Outlook is not running.
    1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Mail.
    2. Click Show Profiles.
    3. Select the profile you want to add your account to and Click Properties.
    4. Click E-mail Accounts....
    5. On the "Account Settings" screen, make sure the 'E-mail' tab is selected and click New....
    6. Proceed to step 2.
  2. On the Auto Account Setup window, enter the following for each field:

    Note: If the "Add Account" screen appears and it already includes your name and email address, just click on the Next button and go to the next step. The reason your account information is auto-filled is because you are signed into your Active Directory (AD) profile on the computer. If you want to modify any of the values or want to configure a different account, click into the "Manual setup or additional server types" and then click back into the "E-mail Account". This will activate both fields for entry.

    • Your Name: Enter your name as you'd like it to appear
    • Email Address: - Enter the primary address of your Office 365 account. Ex
    • Password/Retype Password: Enter the password for your account
  3. Click Next (or OK for Outlook 2007 users).
  4. If a Security Alert window appears, click Yes to proceed. (or Allow for Outlook 2010 users)

  5. After a few moments it will be locate the appropriate configuration settings for your account. You will then be presented with the Windows Security screen below:


    The username field will automatically be populated with the email address you entered in step 2.             

    • Password: Enter the password associated with the account you entered above. 
  6. Place a check mark within "Remember my credentials" checkbox.
  7. Click OK
  8. If prompted a second time, enter the same credentials as the previous step and click OK.
  9. If all settings are correct, you will see the screen below. Your account is ready for use.
  10. Click Finish.
  11. If you created a additional profile, make sure to set this new profile as the default startup profile when Outlook starts, otherwise skip to the next step:
    1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Mail.
    2. Click Show Profiles.
    3. Click "Always use this profile and select the new Office 365 profile you just created from within the select box under this setting and click OK.
  12. Start Outlook using the profile you just created/modified.
    Note: You may be prompted to enter your credentials again on initial start up. Make sure to enter your user name.

Important: Depending on the size and amount of emails you have in your account, Outlook may require some time to completely download all of your mail (and other data) the first time you load Outlook after configuring your account.

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