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A user guide to using the Diploma Order application for the UWM Registrar's Office.


The Diploma Order application allows UWM alumni to request replacement diplomas from the Registrar's Office. The application is setup with UWM 1Login and automatic diploma lookup for those that can login to the application. It allows tracking of the order from initial request to delivery, as well as payment handling using the US Bank ePayment system.

The application is available for all students to use (order wise), and for the Registrar's Office staff to manage orders.

Accessing Diploma Order

To access Diploma Order, you can visit the following URL: https://apps.sa.uwm.edu/diploma/. You’ll want to login with your ePantherID and password if you have one. 

Note: you will not be able to manage diploma orders without an ePantherID - only order replacement diplomas.

Order Page

Once you go to the application, you'll be greeted with the standard landing page. If you're an administrator, go to the top-right of the application and select "Login" - otherwise as a student, select either Login using UWM 1Login or I do not have an ePantherID.

When you select an option, you'll be brought ultimately to the order page.

Ordering a Replacement Diploma

To order a replacement diploma, begin filling out the required information in the form below.

If you're logged in, you will see the diplomas you've earned from the University, which you can select to order. Otherwise, add a diploma by filling out the information under the "Add Diplomas" section. Ensure you click the "Add" button once you've filled out this information otherwise you will not be ordering any diplomas!

Next, you'll want to choose your payment method. If you select Cash or Check the application will give you information on where to send or drop off that payment. Otherwise, you can select Credit to submit a payment using your Visa or Mastercard. The application does not accept Discover or American Express.

Once all the information has been filled out, click on Submit Request. If the form was filled out properly, you'll be presented with a confirmation page like the one below, with information on how to remit payment.

If you're submitting a credit card payment, adjust any information regarding shipping, and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Once you've verified all that information, click on Continue to Payment to move on to the US Bank website.

You'll be taken off of the UWM application, and moved to the US Bank secure processing website, where you will be able to submit your credit card information.

Once it's completed, you will be contacted by the Registrar's Office if there are any issues with your order.

Leaving Feedback

If you notice anything wrong with this application, click on the Feedback button at the top right. This will bring you to a page where you can either submit support requests, or suggest new features to the applications.

You can leave us support requests, or feature requests for the application. If for some reason this doesn’t work, you can email us at it-services@uwm.edu or call our Help Desk at (414) 229-4606 during our support hours.

Managing Users

To manage users in the application, ensure you are logged in and select Users on the top navigation bar.

You'll see a list of users. If you click the blue edit button, you'll be able to edit information about the user, including their name, email, and permission group. If you click the red button, you'll be able to delete that user and prevent them from accessing the application.

If you'd like to add a new user to the application, click the New User button at the top right of the screen.

Fill out the appropriate information, and select the group you'd like them in. For administering the application, select the Admin group and click Save.

 Managing Groups

To manage groups in the application, click on Groups on the top navigation bar.

You'll see a list of all groups in the system. You can edit the groups by clicking on the blue Edit button, and delete them by clicking on the red Delete button.

WARNING: Do not change this area, this is strictly for IT to manage permissions for the application at this point in time.

You can also add new groups from this screen, with the same warning above applicable.

Searching for a Previous Order

If you're trying to search for a previous diploma order (one that is not currently in progress, and has already been completed) click on the Search tab at the top.

You can start typing in the person's name and hit the Enter key. Any orders they've made will appear on the screen. Using the Actions button on the side, you can view the different things you can do with the order.

Managing Orders

Managing orders in the system is done from a single screen. Click on the Manage item on the top navigation bar.

From this screen you can view all diploma orders in the system. If you click on the different tabs, you can see the orders in the different steps of the process. If you click on the actions button on this screen, for example, you see you have a few options:

  • Edit: This is going to be the easiest way to view information about the order
  • Mark as Paid: This section will change depending on what section you're on, but basically it lets you promote or demote the order through the different steps of the ordering workflow (e.g. New > Paid, Ordered > Received)
  • Deny Request: This will always be available to instantly deny the request, and remove it from the Active Requests section.
  • Delete: Delete the request from the system entirely.

NOTE: I would advise against deleting orders unless you have a bunch of duplicates someone sent through. It would be better to deny the request and have a comment, so you have the historical information.

If you were to click the Edit button, you'd get a screen like the one below:

 You can click the names of each of these boxes to expand and collapse them. Clicking on the Diploma box will show you the following information:

Clicking on the Address box will show you address information for the order:

 The most important section is going to be the Status / Comments section, where the comments box, and the different statuses are located. This is also where the ePayment UUID is located, which lets you uniquely identify the order in the ePayment system (for example, to submit a refund). You can also view if and when the status has been updated for this order.

Let's close out of editing the diploma, and go back to our main manage screen. To send diplomas to be ordered, first you must add all diplomas you'd like to order to a "Batch" - you can do this by clicking on the Paid status, and using the Actions menu, clicking on the Add to Order transition.

This will add the diploma to the current order batch. Repeat this for all diplomas you'd like to add. Once you're done, switch to the Current Batch status.

Once here, you should see a list of all orders that are currently in the batch. To "send" this batch, click on the small Export to Excel button above the list of diplomas. This will prompt your computer to download an Excel file, containing all diplomas in this batch. It will also automatically move all of those orders to the next step in the process (Ordered).

Once diplomas have been received, or picked up, use the actions menu on the remaining statuses to move them on to the next step in the process. Finally, once the order has been picked up, you can use the action menu to mark the order as completed, and the order will drop out of the workflow.


If you have any questions about this guide, how the application works, or suggestions for improvements, feel free to reach out to us using the feedback system in our KnowledgeBase, or by contacting our Help Desk during support hours. Contact information for our Help Desk is below.

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