Office 365 - Users Cannot Login to Email but can Login to Other UWM Applications

You may occasionally have issues logging into your Office 365 email account. This article runs through some steps to try to help you resolve this issue.

The first thing to check when having difficulty logging into your Office 365 account, is to ensure you are at the correct location to do so. The correct url for Office 365 is It can be reached by going to the UWM home page ( and clicking on the link in the middle of the top banner. 

If you have verified that you are in the proper place to be logging in, please be sure that you are using your full email address ( and not just your ePanther ID. Office 365 will not allow you to gain access without the full email address.  

If you are not on campus, have determined you are in the correct location to login and are using your correct email address to try to login, but are still unable to do so, the only other thing to attempt would be to change your password. This can be accomplished by going to and following the steps located there. 

Note: Once the password reset has been completed,
you may need to wait up to two hours for the change to go through to Office 365. Once two hours have passed, you can attempt to login again.
pw reset

If you are still unable to access your Office 365 account after trying all of these steps, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or email us at