Office 365 (Windows Phone 8) - Windows Mobile Device Setup

This document explains how to connect to the Office 365 service via Windows Phone 8.

NOTE: These instructions will also work for Windows Phone 7.

1. From the "Home" screen, tap the right arrow or swipe to the right.

2. Scroll down and tap Settings.

3. Tap email + accounts.

4. Tap add an account.

5. Tap Outlook.

NOTE: Tap Exchange if using Windows Phone version 8.1.

6. Enter your account credentials:
  • Email Address: Enter your UWM email address (i.e.,
  • Password: Enter your ePanther password.
7. Tap sign in.

NOTE: You will be notified with, "We're looking for your settings." After a few moments, it will return you to the "email + account" page. Your account will be listed and should be syncing.

8. Once the email account is no longer greyed out (syncing), click on the account. On the accounts settings screen, enter a preferred name within the "Account name" field - we recommend "Office 365" or "UWM". Make any additional changes and tap the check mark.

9. Return to your home screen and scroll down to the very bottom. You should see a new square indicating your new email account. Tap on this square/tile to view your email.

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