Office 365 (Mac) - Configure Mac Mail

These steps may differ slightly between versions of OS X. Differences may also exist between campus and personal computers.

Adding a account
Removing a account

Adding a account

1. Close all instances of Mac Mail, Calendar, and Address Book.

2. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen and select System Preferences from the menu.

3. Select Internet Accounts.

4. Click Microsoft Exchange.

5. Complete the account fields using the info below and click Continue.

6. Enter in the "Server" field if prompted to do so.

7. Choose which data (Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Reminders, and Notes) to sync to from your Office 365 account.

8. Click Add Account.

9. Wait a few moments as OS X syncs your mail, settings, and other data.

Removing a Account

1. Go to your System Preferances

2. Select Internet Accounts

3. Click on the UWM E-Mail Profile

4. Click on the "-" key to remove the E-Mail profile