Clickers - Fall 2016 Information

Fall 2016 is quickly approaching. Over the summer, there have been upgrades in the TurningPoint Cloud software and in classroom computers. Please contact CETL with any feedback at

Fall Preparation

As with previous terms, letting CETL and Classroom Support know of your intentions to use clickers ensures your classroom and online course presence is ‘Clicker Ready’.

First, request clicker support using the online request form located at or through the EdTech Apps option in your D2L course site. This will serve as CETL’s record of usage for training, support and statistical purposes. It will also enable Classroom Services to prepare your classroom for clickers. This form also allows us to provide valuable information to the Help Desk on the usage of clickers so they can better support students.

Second, make sure your course is ready for Clickers. Review the Instructor Guide to TurningPoint Clickers ( to get initially setup with necessary accounts and software.

Third, if you are requiring use of clickers in your course, report clickers as part of your course. In D2L, click the Submit Course Material Adoption button on the D2L My Home page – the same page where all courses are listed. This button will allow you to submit information to

Pricing and Discounts for TurningPoint Clickers

TurningPoint is offering a $20 rebate for the QT Device bundle, which is a clicker with keyboard, along with a 4-year license. 

Remember: Students may use Financial Aid to purchase clickers only through the UWM Virtual Bookstore.

Licenses Now Required for Anonymous Clicker Usage

With the May update to TurningPoint Cloud (not yet available), an important change is happening to anonymous response. While clickers used for anonymous polling previously worked without issue, those clickers will now require an anonymous license.

For example, if a school or department purchased a bundle of clickers for anonymous polling for courses or events, each clicker will now require an anonymous license which would be attached to a clicker.

If your department or school uses TurningPoint Clickers for anonymous polling, please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning by email ( at the earliest convenience to learn more about pricing and possible alternatives.

Older Clicker Hardware to Stop Working With TurningPoint Cloud

Starting with the May update of TurningPoint Cloud, certain older clickers and hardware will no longer function.

The following current clicker models are not affected by this change and will continue to work:

  • RF LCD Clicker model RCRF-03
  • QT Device model RCQR-01

If students have questions on this policy, or need assistance in upgrading, they should contact TurningPoint toll-free at 866.746.3015. The UWM Virtual Bookstore only sells current clickers which would not be affected by this change.

Where Can My Students and I Get More Help?

Multiple units at UWM, as well as Turning Technologies, participate in offering clicker support. Choosing the right path to get help might seem confusing. Follow these guidelines for seeking out help.

One of my students is having problems with their clicker.

The student should go to the UWM Help Desk first ( They will ensure the student’s clicker is class-ready, and can provide guidance to the student on what to do should problems persist.

My student’s clicker is working, but I am not seeing their responses.

Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning via email ( or call  414.229.4319.

The clicker hardware or software in my classroom clearly isn’t working.

Contact Classroom Services by email ( or call 414.229.2382.

I can’t get TurningPoint Cloud to work on my university computer.

Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning by email ( or call 414.229.4319. We will work with Turning Technologies and department or campus IT to resolve the issue.

My students need help with their clicker purchase (from the UWM Virtual Bookstore).

Contact the UWM Virtual Bookstore at or visit the eCampus Help Desk site ( for more information.

If all else fails, the Center for Excellence for Teaching and Learning should be the starting point for instructors, and the Help Desk should be the starting point for students. Instructor documentation is on the CETL Knowledgebase ( Student information is available on the UWM KB (

Turning Technologies does offer broad support for use of clickers, ResponseWare and TuringPoint Cloud computer software. They offer a great deal of support on the TurningTechnologies support website ( 

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