OrgSync Toolkit - Overview

A user guide to the OrgSync Toolkit written by Student Affairs IT.

System Requirements

In order to use this application, all you need is a computer that can run Chrome or Firefox. Alternatively, you can use any modern tablet (iPad / Android).

Accessing the Application

There are two versions of the application. The development version is a playground to test out the application and see how it works. It can be accessed by going to

The other version of the application is the production version. This is where you will do your day-to-day work, and will be the most reliable. You can access it by going to

The application requires an ePantherID and password to login. If you get an error message that says "You do not have access to this application" you can email to request access.


The application performs two types of synchronizations. The first one is a database sync which aggregates membership data from OrgSync and student data from the Data Warehouse for the application. This sync takes about 2-4 hours to complete, and runs quietly in the background. The other is called the registration request sync which allows you to upload an XLS document of registration requests from OrgSync, so that you may run reports against that data.

To take a look at the synchronization status, navigate to the "Sync" tab.

Sync Tab

On this page, you can view the current status of the sync, or start a new sync process. You always will want to do a database sync first, before doing a registration request sync. When you do a database sync, it completely clears out the database and starts from scratch.

Once you click Start Sync it will start the process, and the progress bar will update with an estimated time remaining. Feel free to close the browser and come back to it later.

If you're doing a registration request sync, you will want to drag the XLSX file to the drop zone under Step 1, or choose it using the file chooser. It will appear in the Step 2 box where you will have the chance to upload it and start that sync process.


There are two different types of reports you can run from this application.

Demographic Reports

OrgSync has a program that allows organizations to swipe ID cards to track attendance at an event. You can use the exported Excel spreadsheet to run demographic reports on the attendees. To start, navigate to the Reporting dropdown item, and select Demographics.

Demographic Reports

Using the box in Step 1, upload the XLS document you retrieved from OrgSync. It will appear in the Step 2 box, where you can click orange button to upload the report. Once it has finished the report, the green Save button will appear as active, which will let you download the report.


Eligibility Reports

The main report you can run is the eligibility report, which will check OrgSync members for certain criterion to ensure they are still eligible to be part of a student organization. This report has the ability to be run across all organizations, or a single organization.

Using the Step 1: Report Scope box, select whether you want to report against all organizations, or a single organization.

If you select "Select an Organization" a box will appear to the right allowing you to type the organization name in. Once you have found the organization you want, click it to select it.

Next, you will want to take a look at your Reporting Criterion.

These may need a little explanation:
  • By checking "Only Include Student Organization Officers" the report will ignore any students within your reporting scope who do not hold an officer position in at least one organization.
  • By checking "Only include current students" the report will ignore any non-current students.
  • By checking "Include only students who fall into one of the fail criterion" you will omit students who passed all of the fail criterion.
  • By checking "Include only students in a registration request" you will only include students who are part of a registration request (which were uploaded earlier).
Now, take a look at your Fail Criterion:

These criterion are enabled by default, and should be self explanatory.

Finally, take a look at the Include Additional Fields section.

This will allow you to add on additional demographic information for reporting purposes. By default, the report only includes the student basic information, their load code, student status, and segregated fee status. Checking these will let you customize your report.

Once you have customized your reporting criterion, select Generate Report. It may take a while to generate your report, depending on your criterion. Once it is ready, the button will change into a green Download XLSX button, which you can click to obtain your report.


There are a few aspects of the application you can manage. These are all located under the Manage dropdown menu at the top.


Right now, you can manage two groups and add more, but they have no functionality. Just know that the "Admin" group allows access to the application, and the "Anonymous" group disables access to the application.


This will allow you to add new users to this application.

Clicking the red X will delete the user, while clicking the blue pencil icon will allow you to edit information. You can click on the role to select a new one from a dropdown, or change the first name, last name, or email address.

To add a new user, click + New User. You will get the following dialog.

Please note when filling this out, the UWM Email must be the full email address of the person you're adding, e.g. Once you hit "Save" it will add them to the application.


There is currently only one setting you can configure. When doing a sync, it needs to know what semester it is doing the data aggregation for. Therefore, when starting a new semester, you will want to change the semester code before starting the sync.

On the settings page, click the blue pencil icon next to the current_term setting.

You want to enter in the current semester code in the value field. If you don't know it, they are available at Once you have edited it, hit the "Save" button and run your synchronization.


There is a feedback section which will allow you to submit bug reports (which will go to our help desk) or feature requests (which will go to the web team). Feel free to use this section to request improvements or report problems. It will automatically send your name, so simply provide as much information as you can to help us out.


If you have any further questions regarding this guide feel free to email or use the feedback form below.

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