Web Onboarding - Training - Overview

A guide to onboarding new employees regarding skills and environment.

Setting up your workstation

One of the first things you'll want to do on your first day is get your workstation setup. We start all new developers with a Mac OS X workstation that's setup blank. You'll need to do some legwork to get our development environment setup, which will help you learn how everything is connected.

Step 1: Get Admin Access

You will need admin access on your computer to use it for web development. You can do this two ways:
  1. Ask your supervisor to grant your regular account (e.g. cjmaio) admin access on the machine.
  2. Ask your supervisor to create and grant you an administrator account (e.g. cjmaio-a) admin access on the machine.
Regardless of which method you take, you need to have it completed before you move on to the next step. If you do not have admin access, go ahead and start on the learning tutorials until the access has been granted.

Step 2: Install Homebrew and Homebrew Cask

For Mac OS X, you'll need to install Homebrew which is a package manager for Mac OS X. Go to http://brew.sh and follow the instructions there for installing Homebrew.

Once you're done with that, run the following commands:

brew doctor

It should let you know that everything is OK with your installation. If not, go ahead and ask your supervisor for assistance.

Next, we will want to install Homebrew Cask which adds on support for installing entire applications using Homebrew for Mac OS X. Go to http://caskroom.io and follow instructions on how to install.

Step 3: Install PHP and Package Managers

Next, we want to install PHP as well as some package managers we will use. Follow these instructions in order to get it setup: 

Step 4: Installing Laravel Valet

The next step to setting up your workstation will be installing Laravel Valet. This allows us to locally develop using a local PHP and MySQL database. 
Follow the steps in this article to get Laravel Valet setup successfully.

Step 5: Getting WordPress

While you're working here, you'll likely be working on WordPress themes or plugins. We can setup a WordPress environment within Laravel Valet.
Follow these instructions to get WordPress setup on your machine.


Integrated Development Environment

MySQL / Oracle Database Manager

Learn and Improve Skills

Here are some home-made KB documents which are guides on learning the foundations of our web environment. You can also use these to continually improve your skills (especially the Laravel and AngularJS videos).

Internal Documentation and Best Practices

Getting an application started

When you are ready to work on your first application read the article above, Application Development Workflow.
When creating a Laravel project make sure to use our Shibboleth plugin for the users, groups, and user_group table. Shibboleth powers UWM's 1Login system and allows for handling authentication outside of the application.

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