Office 365 - Microsoft Office 2013 Path to retirement

Important: By February 2017, Microsoft will no longer push any updates to Office 2013 suite of applications.

Which version of Office 2013 is affected?

All versions of Office 2013 are affected. Note: Users upgrading from Office 2013 to Office 2016 should have no problems due to system requirements.

Should I upgrade to Office 2016?

Yes. The newest version provides a better user experience (including enhanced features), receives the latest security updates and enhancements.

What happens if I do not upgrade

Office will no longer receive the critical updates (by Feb. 2017). Note: Microsoft official date for end of support is April, 2018.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?

To install Office 2016, login to Outlook on the Web > click the gear to bring up Settings > Click Office 365 Settings > Click on Software or see our knowledgebase article for detailed instructions.