Office 365 (Outlook 2011) - Inbox Rules

Important: Beginning September 22, 2016, Office for Mac 2011 will no longer be available for installation from the Office 365. Please see the following document for further details: Office 365 - Microsoft Office 2011 path to retirement.

Follow these steps to create inbox rules that can automatically manage your messages as you receive them. In pantherLINK, these were called email filters.
1. With Outlook 2011 open, select the tab for the Home tab.
2. On the Home Ribbon, select Rules.
3. When the Rules menu appears, select Edit Rules.
4. In the Rules dialog box click on + to add a new rule.
5. Enter a name for the new rule in the Rule Name text box.
6. Configure the criteria to detect and action to perform in the When a new message arrives that meets all of these conditions: section.

NOTE: Some rules will only be applied within the Outlook 2011 client. More information can be found on Microsoft's Website Article on Server-based rules versus On My Computer rules.
7. If there are exceptions to the rule you just created, or you would like to prohibit other rules from processing on messages that meet your criteria, those options can be configured in the Except if: section.
8. To ensure the rule is turned on, make sure that the Enabled checkbox is checked.
9. Select OK.
10. Close the Rules dialog box by selecting the red Close button.
NOTE: You can also create inbox rules outside based upon specific messages you have received. Right-click a message and hover over Rules and select Create Rules from the menu.

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