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A keyword or phrase given to a document, image, record, etc. online that associates the given piece of information with that keyword or phrase.  Tagging information causes it show up when that keyword or phrase is searched.

The Cloud

A phrase commonly used to explain where data is stored for programs like Office365, Google Docs, and other web-based services.  The Cloud is a collection of servers based around the world either owned, or leased by, companies in order to host user information.  These servers are connected to the internet allowing remote access to data from around the globe and resulting in the idea that user's information is In the Cloud.

A running report on a specific incident or request. A ticket appears in a Cherwell queue when a user submits an incident. Most IT departments on campus use Cherwell to track these tickets.

A metaphor for these tickets is a record created when a patient enters a hospital. The first doctor that receives the patient will record a diagnosis which would be journaled in these records. The record is passed to the next doctor the patient sees, and this doctor will be able to reference everything that has been done with the patient already.

Our tickets have the following properties:
  • A single name for the contact of the ticket, and automatically-generated contact information (including their phone number, email, department, and office
  • Journals written by technicians and IT staff that describe what work has been done on the ticket and what information has been gathered.
  • Tasks which indicate work somebody or some department is responsible for. These tasks are assigned to departments and may optionally be assigned to individuals

All tickets in our system can be referenced by a ticket number.

"Hey Josh, can you check out ticket 221127?"

"I'll escalate this ticket over to Endpoint after doing my escalation journal."