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P2000 is a security management system that can be accessed remotely through web-connected devices. P2000 has capabilities that can manage digital video recorders, and remotely open or lock facility doors through its access control systems. P2000 is a SAITS Enterprise Supported Service.


Panthera is the Graduate School’s online application system for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This system will collect information about your educational background, transcripts, personal statement, letters of recommendation, writing samples, and application fees, for the purposes of applying to graduate school. This system features an application to become a teaching assistant as well.

Panthera does not use ePanther ids to log in.  Users will need to create their own login credentials for their appropriate role.  Roles include applicant, faculty, staff, and reviewer. The Grad school will be able to reset passwords only for applicants, not for other internal roles (i.e. faculty, staff and reviewer roles). Applicants can request a reset password email via the following link:


pantherLIST ( is a UWM service for creating and managing email lists and discussions.


pantherPRINT is the retired UWM pay to print service located at printing kiosks around campus. On July 26, 2017, pantherPrint printers were replaced with WEPA Print Away kiosks. 

To access UWM's WEPA Print Away page, click here: How Do I Print On Campus? 

For FAQs about WEPA Print away, refer to this KnowledgeBase article: Wepa Print Away - Vendor FAQ

See Also: Wepa Print Away - Campus Student Printing Service


(Panther Access to Web Services) - Online student services application used by University students, instructors, and advisors.

         Student Features:

  • Class registration
  • Grade reports
  • Graduation requirements/status
  • Online statement access
  • Check for "holds" or "to-do" items on an account
  • Change contact information, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Check financial aid status

Instructor/Advisor Features:

  • View and/or print class rosters
  • View advisee lists
  • Enter grades and/or import grades from Canvas

Personal Hotspot

What exactly is a personal hotspot?:  Think of a personal hotspot as your own Wi-Fi base station that you carry around in your pocket. Personal hotspots can be in the form of stand-alone devices (Mi-Fi units, Jetpacks, etc.) or they can be built into smartphones or cellular-connected tablets.

How do they work?:  A personal hotspot works by tapping into a cellular network and then wirelessly sharing a data connection with other nearby Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The efficiency of data transfer to and from those other devices will reflect the speed and strength of the wireless signal to the original hotspot device. That’s why hotspots have become more popular since the arrival of 4G networks: the improved network speeds have made hotspots more efficient and closer to the network speeds we are used to at home or at work.

What devices can connect to a personal hotspot?:  Basically, any Wi-Fi-enabled device can hook up to a personal hotspot and use its data connection. That means laptops, e-readers, iPod touches, gaming consoles, even Wi-Fi-enabled TVs. However, most carriers place limits on the number of devices that can connect to a personal hotspot at any given time. More on the limitations imposed by the carriers later.

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Phishing Email

An email that looks official but is in reality an attempt to gain access to a user's credentials, sometimes by having the user click on a link in the email and typing in their username and password.  UWM will never ask a user to provide their credentials or other confidential information over email.


PREP is a personnel representative that users must seek out when they are attempting to obtain a sponsored account. Departmental PREPs can be found here:


An abbreviation for the Peck School of the Arts


Microsoft Publisher is different from Microsoft Word in that it focuses on page layout and design rather than text composition. Publisher is used for a variety of projects such as: brochures, pamphlets, calendars, etc.


One may notice that Publisher looks very similar to Word. Publisher functions very similar to Word, but as mentioned above, it focuses much more on the design side of a document. Many templates for potential projects are available on the home screen.