Top Documents of the Week

  1. How do I download transcripts of videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas
  2. Canvas for Instructors - How do I download, mark, and re-upload student submissions from assignments?
  3. Respondus 4 - Importing word document questions into Respondus
  4. Instructions for students recording a video for a Canvas course
  5. Canvas for Instructors - Advanced Workshop
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Hypothesis Social Annotation Tool
  7. Student Guide for Creating a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Discussion
  8. Point Solutions Clickers - How to add Point Solutions to your course in Canvas
  9. Student Guide for Uploading a Mobile Video to a Canvas Discussion
  10. Instructor Guide for Student-Created Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments or Discussions
  11. Canvas for Instructors - Replacing/Updating Files in Canvas
  12. How do I create an H5P enabled Assignment in Canvas
  13. How Do I Upload a Video through My Media to a Canvas Page?
  14. Software options for creating a narrated screen capture presentation
  15. Student Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments
  16. Canvas Access - How do I enroll participants in my non-credit course?
  17. Canvas - Account Roles and Permissions
  18. Teaching and Learning Technology - Training and Development Opportunities by CETL
  19. Adding a Table of Contents with anchor tags to a Syllabus in Canvas
  20. Respondus 4 - Export a Quiz from Canvas to Respondus
  21. Canvas - How do I create a Blueprint course?
  22. Instructor Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentations for Delivery in Canvas
  23. Canvas for Instructors - Introduction
  24. How Do I Embed My Media Videos into my Canvas Course Site?
  25. Canvas External Tools - About OneNote Class Notebook

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