TurningPoint Clickers - Guide: preparing students for clickers

This is a list of best practices and suggestions for preparing students to use clickers in your class.

Add a TurningPoint Cloud link to your course

In order for student clicker data to be recorded and imported to D2L or Canvas grade tools, students must visit their TurningPoint account at least once through a course external tool link. For your student's convenience, follow these instructions to add a link to your Canvas or D2L course.

Export session data into your courses grades frequently

Export the clicker session data into your courses grade tool frequently. This will allow students to verify their participation is being counted. If students do not receive scores, students should contact the UWM Help Desk for assistance.

Help your students use clickers by sharing resources

Add these resources to your course, an email, your syllabus or directly to your PowerPoint presentation. 

Tell students where to go for help

Students should contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or stop by Bolton Hall Rm 225 for help with clickers in-person. Turning Technologies also provides comprehensive support. Call toll-free 1-866-746-3015 or email support@turningtechnologies.com.

Send students an email with purchasing and set-up information

Consider composing an email with the following information before the start of class.

View an email template (PDF)

Include clicker information in your syllabus

View sample syllabus information (PDF)

Use a PowerPoint presentation to introduce clickers

Download a first day presentation (PPTX)