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D2L Dropbox - Download Dropbox Assignments

Learn how to download student submissions to the Dropbox tool, either individually or in bulk.

Before you begin

Student assignments are FERPA-protected information. Keep this information on university-owned computers and services. If you have questions or would like further guidance, contact the UWM Records Management office.

Navigate to the correct Dropbox folder

  1. In your course, click the Dropbox link in the navbar.
  2. Click the Dropbox folder name. The list of folder submissions appear.
  3. Ensure you are on the Users tab, and not the Files tab.
From this page, you can view individual submissions, or download all files submitted for this dropbox folder.

Choose a method to download submissions

There are multiple ways to download student submission. Review all options before you choose to ensure the student's submissions are usable for your purposes.

How are files named? (This can effect how you grade.)

  • If you download an individual file from the Evaluate page, the file will be named as the student uploaded it. This can make it difficult to track which download belongs to which student.
  • If you download files as a zip file, the first and last name of the student will be prepended to the file name. 

Download files for one student

  1. To the right of a student's name, click the Evaluate link. A view of the student's assignment appears.
  2. Click the grey download button at the bottom of the browser window.

If there is no preview for the student's submission, click the down arrow (chevron) to the right of the file and click the Download icon.

Download files for multiple students

Note: this method can also be used to download one student's assignment as a zip file.
  1. In the list of files submitted, do one of the following:
    • Click the checkbox to the left of a file to download just that file.
    • Click the checkbox to the left of a student's name to select all files from one student.
    • Click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all files for all students listed on the page.
  2. Click the green Download icon at the top of the table.

  3. A new window will open. When D2L is done processing the request, a link will appear. Click the link to download the zip file of all files to your computer.

Download files for all students

Use the instructions for downloading files for multiple students. Before doing so, be sure to adjust the number of items per page. Above the Evaluate link for the first student, change the per page menu to a number that is higher than the number of students in your course.

If your course has more than 200 submissions to the dropbox, you will need to download one zip file for each page of students.

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