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D2L Grades - Export Grades from D2L

Learn how to export a grade or entire gradebook from D2L.


Grades, including the original point values, grade scheme symbols and ‘out of’ grades can be exported as a CSV file. Exported scores can be also opened in Excel and other spreadsheet applications, where they can be edited and re-imported into an existing grade item, or into a new grade item.

Grades are FERPA-protected information and should kept on university-managed computers and services. For more information on best practices and procedures for retention, contact UWM Records Management.

How to export grades

  1. Login to D2L and click the course you wish to export grades from in My Courses.
  2. Click the Grades link in the courses navbar.
  3. At the top of the Grades page, click the Export button.
  4. Select who to export grade items for.
    • The Export Grade Items For dropdown menu can be set to "All users" or "Groups". In most circumstances, "All users" is appropriate.
    • If "Groups" is chosen, a second menu appears that lets you choose the appropriate group.
    • If you change this field, click the Apply button.
  5. Choose the key field.
    • "Both" is appropriate for archiving.
    • If you will be importing data back into D2L, Username is preferred.
  6. Choose the grade values to export.
    • If you will be importing data back into D2L, select only Points.
    • The Weighted and Grade Scheme options are most suitable for archiving.
  7. Choose the user details to export.
    • For archiving purposes, choose all three checkboxes.
    • Typically, first name and last name are adequate. Delete these columns from the CSV file if you intend to import grades back to D2L.
  8. Choose grades to export
    • Click the checkbox above the list of grade items to select all grade items.
    • Click the grey category to export only those items.
    • Click the checkbox to the left of a grade item to export only that grade.
  9. Start the export.
    1. Click Export to CSV to produce a text file that can be manipulated in Excel or other tools.
    2. Click Export to Excel to produce an Excel spreadsheet file.
    3. CSV is preferred due to its versatility and ease of access. Excel files can not be re-imported into D2L.

Technical limitations

  • Grade items of type Text cannot be exported.
  • Selectbox grade items will not export their label. Instead, only the lowest percentage in the scheme range is exported.

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