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D2L Course Management - Instructor Export Course Files (PDFs, DOCs, Others) from D2L

Learn how to export files without associated course information from D2L.


While students and others experience D2L through Content, Discussions, News etc., the files that are referenced are kept in a single location, historically known as Manage Files. Most of the files that have been uploaded by the instructor to a course can be downloaded from the Manage Files area, and are saved there automatically when adding files to Content or other areas of D2L.

Files in the Manage Files area are organized independently of Content, Dropbox, Discussions or other tools.

The Manage Files area can be used to export just the files from a course without any of the additional information that makes those files useful in a course setting. 

Note: Manage Files is not the same as the D2L Locker tool. Manage Files also contains no student files.

Navigate to Manage Files

  1. Login to D2L and click the name of the course you wish to export from in My Courses.
  2. Click the Edit Course link in your courses navbar.
  3. Click the Manage Files link. This is typically found under the Site Resources heading.

Select and download files

The Manage Files area is split into two sections: the folder tree on the left and the file list on the right. This is similar to most modern computers in that selecting a folder on the left changes the list of files displayed on the right.

  1. On the left, ensure the correct folder is clicked. The top-most folder in the list starts with "/content/enforced...". Click that folder. (This is usually referred to at the root folder.)
  2. On the right, above the list of files, click the checkbox at the top of the file list, to the left of the Cut scissors icon. This will select all files to download.
    • Alternatively, click the checkbox next to individual folder or files to download a group of files.
  3. To the right of the checkbox, next to the trashcan delete icon is the green circle download icon. Click the download icon.
  4. A new window will open. When the files are ready to download, "The file is ready for download" appears. Click the provided link to begin the download. A zip file will be saved to your computer.
  5. Click the Close button.


  • If at all possible, avoid exporting files using wireless connections. Exporting from on-campus is preferred.
  • If D2L shows an error when trying to zip files for download, select only part of the files for download instead of selecting all files. Then download in groups of files.

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