D2L My Courses - Which courses are and are not created automatically?

Learn which courses are made by default when new semester courses are created.

Which courses are created?

The vast majority of course sections from PAWS are created in D2L -- more than 3,500 courses per Fall or Spring.

Most courses are created such that one section of a course corresponds to one D2L course. There are two exceptions:

If a course is combined in PAWS, it is combined in D2L. In-addition, the School of Education provides a list of combined courses.

How multi-part courses (lab + lecture + discussion) are created in D2L

A multi-part course is a course that is offered in 2-3 parts. A student might register for a 400 section course (the lecture), a 600 section course (the discussion) and/or an 800 section course (the lab). Each part might be led by different instructors, but from the prespective of the student it is all the same course, just in multiple parts. This format of course is used in many colleges/schools, and is led in different ways based on the curricular need.

To minimize the need for instructors to submit course requests, and to acomodate the broadest use of these courses, multi-part courses are created in multiple arrangements. Take for example, CHEM-102:

Thus, for this example of CHEM-102, 49 individual D2L courses are created.

How combined courses are created in D2L

One course is created, where students from all sections are added to one course.

Which courses are not created?

All course sections are created in D2L except those marked as independent study in PAWS. This is done to avoid hundreds of sections being created in D2L which have a low likelihood of use. Such courses only serve to clutter the view of instructors.

I need a course that was not created

Submit a Course Request using the Instructor Tools widget in D2L or use the Course Request form. (We recommend using the Instructor Tools widget to reduce the amount of information to enter in the form.)