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Respondus 4 - Export a Quiz From D2L to Respondus 4

Learn how to export a quiz from your courses Import / Export / Copy tool to Respondus 4.


Respondus allows the retrieval of the exam instrument from Desire2Learn so that it can be modified in Respondus, published to another course, or archived.

Download Questions from D2L

NOTE: automatic download of questions is not available with UWM's D2L site.

Before questions can be imported into Respondus 4, the questions must be exported from a D2L course. 

For these instructions, it is assumed a quiz is being exported. However, Surveys, Question Library sections and Self Assessments may also be exported in the same way.

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. Open the course you wish to retrieve the quiz from.
  3. In your courses navigation bar, click the Edit Course link.
  4. Click the Import / Export / Copy Components link.
  5. Click the Export Components button, then click the Start button. Note: if the questions to be exported have images, check "Include course files in the export package".
  6. Click the Checkbox next to Quizzes (or the appropriate tool). Then click "Select individual items to export". 
  7. Select the individual quiz, survey, etc., to export. Then click the Continue button.
  8. Confirm the export settings are correct. If so, click the Continue button.
  9. On the Export Summary page, wait for the "Export of components was successful" message. Then click the Finish button.
  10. A link will be provided to download the export. Click "Click here to download the export Zip package". 
    • You may be prompted on what to do with the download. Save the file. Do not open the file.
    • If you are asked where to save the file to, choose as appropriate. The exact location is not important.
    • If you are not prompted, the browser is automatically downloading the extract to your Downloads folder. 
  11. Click the Done button to finish.
Make note of where the export was saved.

Unpack the Export

Find the zipped file that was downloaded. This is typically the Downloads folder on your computer, Unzip the file. Note that the file will contain an "imsmanifest" file that can be ignored. The other XML file is the quiz from D2L. This file will be imported.

If images were included in the questions, they will also be included in the resulting folder.

Import into Respondus via Open File

  1. From the Start menu, click the Open button. 

  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Change the file type to "IMS QTI Questions". 
  4. Browse to the location of the file saved from D2L. 
    1. Double-click the file or
    2. Click the file, and click the Open button.

The questions from D2L can now be edited.

Important Notes

  • Images that were embedded in questions will be downloaded, but links will be broken. They will need to be re-associated.
  • Equations that were originally imported from Respondus to D2L will return to Respondus as images.

This article is based on documentation provided by Respondus and is re-used with permission.

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