Respondus 4 - Add Questions to a Respondus File

Learn how to add questions in Respondus 4 to a file for later import to Canvas.


The Edit menu allows questions to be added to the currently open file.  There are nine types of questions: 

  • Multiple Choice, 
  • True or False, 
  • Long Answer, 
  • Matching, 
  • Short Answer, 
  • Multi-Select, 
  • Ordering, 
  • Fill in the Blanks and 
  • Arithmetic.
Feedback and point values can also be added to questions, as can images, multimedia, tables, HTML, and various types of enhanced formatting

To complete these instructions, you must already have a Respondus file created or opened.

Create a New Question

To create a new question, select the desired question type on the left side of the screen. The entry template on the right side of the screen will change accordingly. 

This image shows what adding and editing questions in Respondus looks like.

Question Types

Common Features Across all Question Types

Save the Question

Use the "Add to End of List" or Insert Into List buttons to add the question to the list of questions for the file.

Four buttons appear at the bottom of all edit forms. 

Re-Ordering Questions

The Question List at the bottom of the Edit screen displays the title, question type, points, and question wording for each question in the file. The  menu button in the next column will display a pop-up dialog with various operations that can be performed on that item. 
  • Click Move To # to move a question to different location in the list.
The Move to # item is highlighted from the context menu to the left of the question's title.


Question A is in row 1. Question B is in row 2. To move Question B before Question A:
  • click the Menu icon for Question B
  • click Move to #.
  • A window will open. Enter the position the question should move to. Then click OK.

This article is based on documentation provided by Respondus and is re-used with permission.