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How do I edit a video that has been uploaded to My Media?

This article describes the editing functionality available for media uploaded to My Media, including trimming and chopping.

Before you Begin:

This tutorial covers adding a video or audio file that has ALREADY been uploaded to My Media.

  • You must be the Owner or a Co-Editor Videos to edit My Media videos. You will be an Owner or a Co-Publisher if the video was added to your My Media account in one of the following ways:
    • You may have uploaded a video to My Media at another time, for a different course or semester.
    • You may have using the desktop application that records your screen, webcam, and audio, called Kaltura Capture:
    • A recording of a classroom session may have been uploaded to your My Media account using Kaltura Classroom Capture in collaboration with UWM's Classroom Services
    • A colleague may have uploaded a video and added you as a Co-Editor.
  • If you have NOT already uploaded the video to My Media, a more streamlined process can be found in this tutorial ( which explains how to upload a video or media file through My Media to a Canvas Page.
If you are the Owner or Co-Editor, you can make minor edits to media uploaded to My Media in Canvas using a built-in tool that allows trimming (remove the beginning or end), or chopping (removes a section from the middle) of media.
Here’s the tutorial that describes all editing functionality: While the tutorial shows video being edited, the functionality is the same for audio (MP3) files.
If you are interested in trimming the beginning or the end, here’s that section of the tutorial:
If you would like to chop out a section of the media, here's that section of the tutorial: 
IMPORTANT NOTE: After you finish editing, you have two option, “Save” or "Save a Copy” — the later will make a duplicate of the video with your edits. The “Save” button will overwrite the original video. You can decided which option best serves your needs. 
If you decide to overwrite the media by clicking the “Save” button, the media will continue to be available if you have already embedded the media in a Page of your course site, or added the media to your Media Gallery. 
If you decide to make a copy of the media by clicking the "Save a Copy” button, you’ll need to:

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