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Zoom Meeting Summary

This document provides an overview and procedures for the feature Zoom Meeting Summary

What Is Meeting Summary?

Zoom’s Meeting Summary functionality is a feature that uses generative AI technology to generate a text-based summary of what was discussed in your meetings and to list next steps that were determined in the meeting. The host can choose who receives the Meeting Summary.

Is Zoom Meeting Summary Enabled in My Zoom Account?

By default, Zoom Meeting Summary is turned off in your Zoom user settings. 

You must enable Meeting Summary in order to use some or all of the Meeting Summary features:

Meeting Summary Emails

If Meeting Summary is enabled for a Zoom meeting, the meeting host/co-host can choose either of the following:

  • Meeting summary is automatically emailed to all meeting participants.
  • Meeting summary is automatically emailed to the host only.

Can I Edit a Meeting Summary?

The Meeting Summary with AI Companion page allows you to view, edit, and share the summaries of meetings you hosted.

  1. Sign in to the UWM Zoom web portal.
  2. Follow Zoom's procedures on Managing Meeting Summaries.

Enabling Meeting Summary

  1. Sign in to the UWM Zoom web portal.
  2. Follow Zoom's procedure to Enable Meeting Summary.

Who Can Start the Meeting Summary for a Meeting?

Zoom meeting hosts and co-hosts can start Meeting Summary during a meeting. Other participants can request that the host/co-host start the Meeting Summary.

Starting Meeting Summary for a Meeting

Meeting summarization begins for a meeting in one of the following ways:

  • When the host/co-host clicks Start Summary in the meeting.
  • If the host enabled the setting “Automatically Start Meeting Summary for All Meetings I Host,” summarization will start automatically for all the host’s meetings. See Enabling Meeting Summary

Important: The host/co-host must use the Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App (link to our class) for meetings.

Using Meeting Summary

Refer to Zoom’s documentation on how to use Meeting Summary - Using Meeting Summary with AI Companion 

Viewing the Meeting Summary

A copy of the meeting summary is sent via email.

Editing the Meeting Summary

The Zoom meeting host can view, edit, and share the summaries of meetings.

1 Sign in to the UWM Zoom web portal.

2 Follow Zoom's procedure to Manage Meeting Summaries.

Select Settings then AI Companion. Enable Meeting Summary

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