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This article outlines the functionalities and usage of Proctorio, an online proctoring tool that emphasizes academic integrity in remote exams. Proctorio is mainly a browser extension for Chrome and Edge, with features such as activity monitoring, identity verification, and test recording. The decision to use Proctorio is up to individual instructors and departments, and support is provided for both students and instructors, with options for students to opt-out and seek alternative arrangements if necessary.

Proctorio at UW-MIlwaukee

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution designed to promote academic integrity during remote exams and assessments. Proctorio employs a range of monitoring features to create a secure testing environment for students. Its capabilities include activity monitoring, identity verification, and test recording.

Key Facts

  • Proctorio is not used for most courses.
  • Proctorio is a browser extension for Chrome and Edge. While it can be used in other browsers, Chrome and Edge are preferred.
  • Instructors choose whether to use a webcam for testing. Webcam videos are only viewable by the instructor.
  • Departments opt-into Proctorio, and arrange for payment of the tool (it is not funded centrally).
  • Proctorio may be installed by students in their browsers, both on their personal computers and in campus computer labs.
  • Students should contact their instructor if they need to opt-out of using digital proctoring to seek alternatives.
  • Student support is provided by Proctorio. Instructor support is provided by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Proctorio.

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Additional Information

  • Proctorio Website
  • To install the Proctorio Extension, install the extension when launching a quiz.

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