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D2L - How do I archive my D2L courses and materials?

This article summarizes and provides further information for the different processes to archive and retain D2L courses and materials.

Before you begin

There are two different approaches to archiving D2L courses and materials.

  • The first approach archives D2L materials without student data.
  • The second approach archives student data in D2L for retention purposes.

How do I save course site information?

Use these methods for saving course information without student data.

Export a course from D2L

Instructors may download a zip file that contains the various parts of their D2L course, such as content, files, quiz and survey questions, discussions and more. The resulting zip file is suitable for course archiving, re-import into Canvas or another learning management system, or copying for someone else to use. 

  • [Link for document 71881 is unavailable at this time.]

Download course files

Use this method to only download the course files in D2L. This would not include the way files are structured in Content or any materials from other areas of D2L, such Quizzes, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, etc.

  • [Link for document 71886 is unavailable at this time.]

Import D2L course into Canvas

Use this method to copy a course from D2L into a Canvas course site.

How do I save student data?

Use these methods to save all or some student information. Keep student information properly stored on university-owned computers and university-approved services. For more information, contact UWM Information Security.

Important: UWM is subject to federal and state laws for data retention for both physical and digital information. Instructors are strongly encouraged to consult with their department or UWM Records Management to learn about how long to keep information, how long students may access their information under FERPA, and how to properly dispose of it.

Export grades from the D2L gradebook

Export students' grades, including the original point values, grade scheme symbols and ‘out of’ grades, which can be exported as a CSV file. Exported scores can be also opened in Excel and other spreadsheet applications, where they can be edited and re-imported into an existing grade item or into a new grade item.

How to download dropbox submissions

Download all files submitted by some or all students to one Dropbox folder.

  • [Link for document 71915 is unavailable at this time.]

How to export quiz statistics and reports

Export a report of questions, question answer statistics attempt summaries, user response statistics to an Excel-usable CSV file.

How to save/print discussion posts

Export discussion posts by topic.

For more help

Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. A consultant will be in-touch!

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