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D2L Awards - Create new Certificate Templates

These instructions describe the steps and additional information to create your own Awards certificate template.

Instructors can create certificate templates from which administrators or instructors can create certificates for their courses. The certificates are essentially PDF files which are manipulated upon award. When a learner downloads the certificate, it is changed to show student-specific information.

How to Create a Certificate Template

The exact techniques for accomplishing each step depends on the software you are using, and the specific version. These instructions are provided for guidance. Note: Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat are available at no cost to UWM staff. Contact the UWM Help Desk, or your department's IT support office for more information on how to acquire the software.
  1. Using an application, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, create your certificate design using form fields. Adobe Acrobat will use these form fields in later steps.
  2. Add images, branding, and static text to complete your design.
  3. Save the form as a PDF document using the Convert to PDF button from your Word, Excel, etc.
  4. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and create a new PDF form based on the PDF you opened. 
  5. Add text boxes to the PDF to include the content that you want on your completed Certificate.
  6. Map the text boxes and their corresponding tooltip boxes to the txtBox Name using supported text strings. Text strings are automatically replaced with user, course, and award values when you generate the certificate. 
  7. Ensure that each text box is large enough for any replacement text (such as the hyphenated last name of a learner, or a multi-sentence description of an award).
  8. Enable Word Wrap so that the text is not cut off, and the text that you want for each text box appears as expected.
  9. In Brightspace, access the course, in which you want to create certificate templates.
  10. Navigate to the Awards tool and click Certificate Templates.
  11. Click Upload New Template.
  12. Browse to the location of the PDF form that you created.
  13. Create a certificate and then associate the new template you created with the certificate.
  14. Publish a few test certificates to confirm that the layout appears as expected.

What Strings are Available in Step 6?

Using any of these strings (including curly braces) will replace the field in the PDF with text specific to the student receiving the certificate.

  • {CourseStartDate}
  • {CourseEndDate}
  • {CourseName}
  • {UserFirstName}
  • {UserLastName}
  • {UserEmail}
  • {UserName}
  • {FullName}
  • {OrgDefinedID}
  • {OrgUnitCode}
  • {AwardDate}
  • {AwardExpiryDate}
  • {AwardName}
  • {AwardDescription}
  • {AwardEvidence}
  • {IssuerName}
  • {IssuerContact}
  • {AwardCreditValue}

This article is based on documentation provided by D2L and is re-used with permission.

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