Office 365 (How To) Outlook Calendar - Organizer's Copy of Meeting is Missing

The user, as the owner of the meeting, has an anomalous situation where the meeting was deleted but Outlook did not send a cancellation to the attendees. This has no known fix from Microsoft but the following items may provide some resolution to the issue based on trial and error on the Microsoft Community Support Page. Please Note that none of the below suggestions worked 100% of the time.

1. Log into Outlook on the Web (OOTW) and see if meeting still resides in the user's online calendar. If it does, the user will need to cancel it from there and send a new request to all attendees.

2. Attempt to pull the meeting back from the deleted items folder. This can be done by searching for the meeting in the Deleted Items folder under the user's main email account in Outlook, on the left side of the screen. If the meeting is found, the user can attempt to drag and drop the meeting back over the Calendar icon on the bottom of the left side of screen. If this does work, the user can then go into the calendar and delete the meeting and send a cancellation through the Desktop application.

3. Request an attendee resend the original meeting as an ICS file. Then import the ICS into the calendar and it may allow a cancellation at that point. This has had mixed success based on other user feedback. If this works, user can then delete and send cancellation through the Desktop application. 

4. Send an email and request attendees delete the meeting from their calendars, then resend a new meeting request. 

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