PAWS - Managing Favorites

Favorites allow you to quickly move to a specific component within PAWS. For example, you can move from Student Program/Plan to Student Advisor by selecting the page name in your My Favorites menu. The following steps will allow you to efficiently manage your own favorites in PAWS. Favorites are stored directly in your PAWS account, so no matter which computer you use, your favorites will always be available to you.

Creating a Favorite 

  1. From the Main menu, navigate to the Search page for the transaction you would like to save as a “favorite,” e.g., : Curriculum Management> Course Catalog > CourseCatalog
  2. From the Favorites tab, click the Add to Favorites link. The Add to Favorites pop-up displays with the default Description (page name)
  3. If desired, change the Description to something that is easier for you to remember, e.g. Catalog Pages
  4. Click the OK button to save.

Using a Favorite

From the Favorites tab, click on the Favorite you wish to use. 

Organizing Favorites Sequentially

As you create Favorites, they will appear in alphabetical order under the Favorites tab.

If you wish, you can reorder and group your Favorites by following these steps:

  1. From the Favorites menu, click the Edit Favorites link.
  2. Order your Favorites by assigning a unique Sequence Number (lowest to highest).
  3. Click the Save button.

As you continue to add Favorites, each will be assigned a Sequence Number of “0” which will put it at the top of the list.  You will be able to renumber your Favorites to put your new favorites where you would like them to appear in the order. Always remember to click "Save" after updating your favorites.  

Grouping Favorites into Clusters

If you routinely work with transactions from more than one module, e.g., Campus Community, Student Financials, Student Records, and Catalog/Schedule of Classes, you can cluster Favorites together by assigning a unique Sequence Number to the Favorites in a particular module. You can do this in the Edit Favorites page. For example:

0 = Campus Community
1 = Student Financials
2 = Student Records
3 = Courses
Click the Save Button. Your Favorites are now grouped together by Sequence Number (module). Within each module, Favorites display in alpha order.

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