Canvas External Tools - How do I use Macmillan Launchpad?

Macmillan Launchpad is an integration tool for Canvas, allowing instructors to add textbooks, learning modules, and activities to their courses. It also facilitates automatic or manual grade syncing to the Canvas grade book. The tool requires activation by instructors and offers deep integration for grade passback. Instructions are provided for various functions, including course pairing and gradebook deployment, and contact information is available for support.

About Macmillan Launchpad

Macmillan Launchpad is a tool which can integrate into Canvas. This tool allows instructors to integrate textbooks, learning modules and activities into their Canvas course. The tool also allows instructors to sync grades automatically or manually to the Canvas grade book. To use Macmillan Launchpad in Canvas, instructors must request for the tool to be activated. Students should contact their instructors or refer to their syllabus for information on what Macmillan Launchpad is used for in their course, and any associated costs.

Adding Macmillan Launchpad to your course

  1. From any course provisioned by PAWS (e.g. a course listed in the Schedule of Classes), click the UWM Canvas Tools link in your courses navigation.
  2. Click the External Tool Request button.
  3. Select the Macmillan Launchpad tool for your course.
  4. Click the Request button for your tool.
  5. Wait for a confirmation email indicating that your tool is now available in your course.
  6. Follow Macmillan's instructions for pairing your course.

Macmillan Launchpad Deep Linking (Grade Passback)

The Macmillan Launchpad tool has a deep integration in Canvas, meaning that Launchpad assigns allow for full grade passback directly into the Canvas Gradebook. Deploying Launchpad assignments into Canvas creates grade items and columns that populate with student grades after they have completed assignments in Launchpad.

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