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This article answers questions related to UWM collaborative program courses. It provides guidance on contacting support, enrolling students from various UW System institutions, and details on cross-institutional courses. Additionally, it highlights the non-applicability of grade pass-back to the Student Information System (SIS) for such courses. The article also discusses the usage of videos from My Media (Kaltura), Microsoft 365, and other external tools within the courses, mentioning possible caveats and support channels for instructors.


This article addresses questions tied to:

  • BSN@Home course electives
  • UWM Architecture

Who should collaborative program instructors and students contact if they need help?

Instructors and students should contact the Canvas support office for their institution. All students should contact their instructor before contacting their home institution's support office.

Students from outside the University of Wisconsin System should contact Canvas Support.

How are students enrolled into my collaborative program course?

Rosters from each of the participating UW System institutions are added to courses in Canvas. UW-Madison students can be invited to your course with a special link.

For more information, see: Canvas Access - How do I enroll UW System for-credit students into my course?

Can I export grades from Canvas to the student information system of my institution? (PAWS, accessSPoint, TitanWeb, etc.)

Unfortunately, grade pass back to SIS does not work with cross-institutional courses.

Can I use videos from My Media (Kaltura) in my collaborative program courses?

Yes. Kaltura videos are associated with an instructor's account.

Can I use Microsoft 365 in my collaborative program courses?

Yes, but there are some caveats. Microsoft 365 implementations can vary from institution to institution, which can sometimes affect the sharing of some kinds of tools and resources. Microsoft 365 and Collaboration in Canvas should function as expected for the most part. If instructors encounter an issue, reach out to the IT Support office for your institution, and their program contact for further assistance.

I would like to use an external tool in my course

A number of tools are universally available to all UW System institutions. Some others will need to be added for you. Instructors should reach out to Canvas support for their home institution, and their program contact for further assistance.

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