Office 365 (iOS 7) - Accessibility Options

The Accessibility options that iOS devices provide are controlled at a system level, which are then dispersed to all applications.

To navigate to the Accessibility settings, click on Settings from your homepage, then select General. From that list, click on Accessibility. From there, you'll see a list of available accessibility options. This document briefly outlines the different options.

  • Vision-Impaired:
    1. VoiceOver: VoiceOver speaks items on the screen. Speaking rate can be adjusted, and there are settings for speak hints, pitch changes, sound effects, compact voice, use with Braille, among many other things
    2. Zoom: the zoom function allows the entire screen to be magnified
    3. Invert Colors: this function inverts the colors on the screen
    4. Speak Selection: this will allow a Speak button to appear when text is selected
    5. Speak Auto-text: automatically speak auto-corrections and auto-capitalizations
    6. Larger Type: allows the text to be larger
    7. Bold Text: bolds text
    8. Increase Contrast: improves contrast on some backgrounds to increase legibility
    9. Reduce Motion: reduces the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effect of icons and alerts
    10. On/Off Labels: this will display a "o" for off or "|" for on for all slider options

  • Hearing-Impaired:
    1. Subtitles & Captioning: this allows closed captioning or subtitles
    2. LED Flash for Alerts: alerts will cause the phone to flash led lights to notify user
    3. Mono Audio: adjusts the sounds to mono; under this, there is a slider for L - R where a user can adjust the audio balance for the speakers

  • Learning:
    1. Guided Access: this keeps the iPhone in a single app, and allows you to control which features are available

  • Physical & Motor-Impaired:
    1. Switch Control: allows you to use your iPhone by sequentially highlighting items on the screen that can be activated though an adaptive accessory
    2. AssistiveTouch: allows you to use your iPhone if you have difficulty touching the screen or if you require an adaptive accessory
    3. Home-click Speed: this will adjust the speed required when double or triple-clicking the Home button
    4. Incoming Calls: this allows the user to set the incoming calls to "Default", "Headset", or "Speaker"

  • Accessibility Shortcut: allows user to specify what triple-clicking the Home button does; options include "VoiceOver", "Invert Colors", "Zoom", "Switch Control", or "AssistiveTouch"
  • For more information about each of these options and their functions, please see:

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