Respondus Exam Manager - Manually Import Exams Into Canvas

The article outlines a two-part process for managing exams in Canvas using Respondus Exam Manager. In Part 1, the user is guided to open Respondus, change settings, open a file, preview, publish, and save it in the QTI XML zip file format. Part 2 instructs how to log into Canvas, navigate to the desired course, import course content, select the appropriate QTI file, and choose or create a question bank for importing. The process concludes with a note on limited support for the new quizzing tool and prompts to hit the "Import" button to finish.

Part 1: Open Respondus Exam Manager

  1. Go to Respondus. Change the "Current Personality:" to "IMS QTI".
  2. Open the Respondus file and accept any prompts to convert the file.
  3. Go to Preview & Publish. Select "Save QTI XML File".
  4. Save the file with the File Format option "QTI XML zip file using IMS Content Packaging".

Part 2: Login to Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas on a desktop browser.
  2. In the designated course, go to "Settings".
  3. Select "Import Course Content".
  4. In the "Content Type" drop-down box, select "QTI .zip file".
  5. Select the designated QTI file from the file browser.
  6. In the "Default Question Bank" drop-down box, select a question bank previously created or create a new bank.
    1. Note: If you select "Import assessment content as New Quizzes" CETL currently offers limited support for the new quizzing tool. New Quizzes should only be used when absolutely necessary.
  7. Select the yellow "Import" button to finish.

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