Canvas - Import Scantron grades from the Testing Center to the Gradebook

This article provides directions for importing Scantron grades into a Canvas Gradebook. The process involves obtaining a file containing Scantron test scores from the UWM Testing Center and collating those scores into a Canvas Gradebook Excel file. This process takes place mostly in Microsoft Excel. After the information has been properly combined, the excel file of the Canvas Gradebook can be imported back into the Canvas course to reflect the new grade item. Note: Please request that the UWM Testing Center return the Scantron scores in an Excel format.

Before you begin:

Please request that the UWM Testing Center returns the Scantron scores in an Excel Format.

Part 1: Exam settings and Gradebook export

  1. Log into Canvas and select the course that will receive the Scantron grades. 
  2. Select the exam that will be receiving the grades in the module. 
    1. Edit the exam. 
    2. Under Submission Type, select “No Submission.” 
  3. Click “Grades” in the Canvas navigation panel. 
  4. In the Grades page, click the down arrow for “Actions.” 
  5. Click “Export.” 
  6. Download and open the Excel .CSV file of the Gradebook that Canvas has created. 

Part 2: Organizing the Canvas Gradebook and UWM Testing Center files in Excel

  1. Select the entire “Test Student” row and delete it from the Gradebook Excel sheet. 
  2. Open the Excel file of the Scantron grades from the UWM Testing Center. 
    1. Note: Please request that the Scantron scores are returned in an Excel format.
  3. In the Testing Center sheet, select all the cells and click “Sort & Filter.” 
  4. Sort the cells from “A to Z.” 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Gradebook sheet from Canvas. 

Part 3: Transferring the UWM Testing Center Scantron scores into the Canvas Gradebook Excel sheet

  1. Once the names are aligned in both sheets, go back to the Scantron grades from the Testing Center. 
  2. Click the first cell of the scores column and hold down “Shift” and then click on the last cell in the column with a score. 
  3. Copy the information (Ctrl + C Windows) (Command + C Mac). 

    This image shows a Testing Center Gradebook Excel file and how to Shift select a specific amount of cells.

  4. Navigate back to the Gradebook sheet from Canvas. 
  5. Select the first blank cell associated with the first student name in the Gradebook column receiving the scores. 
    1. Note: Make sure the number of cells that have been copied matches the number of names in each sheet. 
  6. Paste the scores from the Testing Center into the appropriate Gradebook column (Ctrl + V Windows) (Command + V Mac). 
    1. Note: Be sure that the scores align with each student properly. 
  7. Save the Canvas Gradebook sheet with the new Scantron scores. 

Part 4: Import the new Canvas Gradebook Excel sheet back into Canvas

  1. Navigate back to the Canvas course and go to “Grades.” 
  2. Select the down arrow next to “Actions” again. 
  3. Click “Import” and select the Gradebook file that was just saved from the file browser. 

    This image shows the Canvas Gradebook and highlights the "Import" button to be selected.

  4. Click the “Upload Data” button after the file has been selected. 

    This image highlights the "Upload Data" button to click after selecting the Gradebook Excel file to be imported into Canvas

  5. Click “Save Changes” and then click “OK.” 
  6. The Scantron grades will now appear in the Gradebook column they were assigned to.

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