Duo - Preparing your device for Duo Mobile

This article will assist you with preparing your iOS or Android device to be used with UWM's implementation of Duo for multi-factor authentication.


These minimum requirements must be met on your iOS or Android mobile device in order to authenticate with Duo at UWM:

  1. You must have a screen lock on the mobile device enabled which can be in the form of a password, PIN, pattern, a fingerprint/Touch ID, or Face ID.
  2. Your mobile device may not be rooted/jail-broken. You must restore your device to the manufacturer authorized operating system to meet this requirement.
  3. The minimum required operating system version:
    The current version of Duo Mobile supports Android 7.0 and greater and iOS 11.0 and greater. There is no guarantee of Duo Mobile's functionality on preview/beta software provided by Apple.
If your device does not meet these minimum requirements, you may receive this message when attempting to authenticate with Duo and will not be allowed to proceed:

To add a screen lock to your device, please follow these instructions for your specific platform:

Duo Mobile's Security Checkup feature, available on iOS and Android, empowers you to maintain the security hygiene of your mobile devices through notifications in the Duo Mobile application. It can be accessed via notifications at the bottom of the app or via the app menu.

iOS: Menu > Security Checkup

These device attributes are checked on iOS devices:
  • OS is up to date
  • Duo Mobile app is up to date
  • Screen Lock is enabled
  • Device is not jailbroken
  • Touch ID or Face ID is enabled

Android: Menu > Settings > Security Checkup

These device attributes are checked on Android devices:
  • OS is up to date
  • Duo Mobile app is up to date
  • Full Disk Encryption is enabled
  • Screen Lock is enabled
  • Device is not rooted
  • Passes Google SafetyNet Attestation
  • Fingerprint is enabled

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