Canvas for Instructors - Files

The article provides a structured guide for instructors using Canvas, offering instructions on managing and viewing files, organizing and manipulating documents, previewing and downloading materials, controlling access and usage rights, and exploring advanced file options. For additional support, contact details for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Support Commons are provided.

Managing and Viewing Files

These links guide instructors on how to view and utilize different types of files within Canvas, including user files, course files, and group files.

Organizing and Manipulating Files

This section provides instructions for organizing, renaming, uploading, and deleting files, offering tools to efficiently manage course-related documents and materials.

Previewing and Downloading Files

Find out how to preview and download files, whether individual or in ZIP format, to facilitate the sharing and access of course materials.

Access and Usage Rights

These links detail how to manage the access and usage rights of files and folders within a course, allowing instructors to control the visibility and permissions associated with their content.

Advanced File Options

For those looking to further customize and utilize files within Canvas, these resources explore editing HTML files, previewing various document types, uploading media files, and integrating Microsoft Office 365 files.

Do Have Further Questions?

Contact the CETL Support Commons.

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